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YDF Show 496.jpg
YDF Show 496.jpg

2019 Spring Recital

May 18th and 19th



Ballet Center's students will dance on Broadway at this year's spring recital. The performances take place at Scott Theater in the Fort Worth Arts District. Read below for policies, information, and opportunities. 



Important Recital Information



  • Costumes  Watch the front desk for costume arrivals. Try on costumes as for fit and missing items. Each year, our students also perform a demonstration dance in their class uniform. Please check that your student has the correct attire for their class day to ensure your student is also prepared for the recital.


  • Tickets for the recital  Tickets go on sale April 15th and are $10 for one show, and multi-show pass options are available. Tickets are available at the studio and may NOT be sold at the theater on recital weekend. We are making every effort to minimize a sold-out house and will be posting a daily update count of the tickets sold. The W.E.Scott Theatre has a capacity of 450 and we want to accommodate everyone.



Recital Opportunities







Photo Shoot and Recital Photography


  • Recital Costume photo shoot  Each year we offer a professional photography at the studio with a backdrop. To sign up through signup genius, click here.

  • Recital Photos  For safety reasons, there is no flash photography during the performance, but we will sell quality digital or print photos of the recital available after the show. 


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Nutcracker Photos


For more information please email or contact us.



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