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Beginner & Intermediate
Ballet Classes

Summer Adult/Teen Ballet Classes:



This program has been especially designed for students with some to no previous dance training. For ages 14 - adult, two classes are available to fit your level and schedule.


Summer Schedule:

June 11 - July 13

Tuesday 9:30-11:00am   Intermediate Ballet

Saturday 9:30-11:00am   Beginner/ Intermediate Ballet 

This class will focus on fine-tuning the basic positions and concepts of rotation, alignment, posture, and flexibility, while introducing more advanced steps and combinations at the barre and in the center. Great from beginners to more advanced students.


Summer Prices:

Drop-in rate- $18 each class

Voucher- $160 for ten classes


Students may wear any form-fitting clothing that they can comfortably move in, such as leotard and tights or a tank top or fitted t-shirt with exercise pants or leggings. Please refrain from wearing excessive jewelry. Ballet shoes are mandatory for ballet classes.


For information call 817.423.9888 or

Email us at



"Ballet provides a clear connection between mind and body, with the use of music, that other forms of exercise don't."  

- Linda, Adult Student


"I started to take ballet because I needed a type of exercise that  would provide aerobic and stretch conditioning. Ballet class provides that and more, it also develops my awareness of balance."  

- Mark, Adult Student

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