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Pre-Ballet Levels, ages 3-6

This course will encourage the development of creative movement starting at age three. Students will move to different rhythms of music and express themselves through dance. Elementary ballet steps will be introduced before entering the Basic Ballet program.


Basic Ballet Levels, ages 7-10

At this level students will reach a basic understanding of correct posture of the body, legs, arms, hands, and head through floor, barre, and center combinations. It is crucial during these first years of ballet training that students learn basic rules of movement and coordination. They will also be introduced to pre-pointe elements, which will eventually lead to pointe work at the barre.


Intermediate Ballet & Advanced Levels, ages 11-18

Through the execution of more challenging steps, students will be encouraged to develop stamina and strength. Students will master more difficult pointe work and more advanced jumping combinations, while furthering their artistic growth. The most advanced students will have the chance to learn variations or group dances from classical repertoire.


Adult/ Teen Ballet 

We offer two levels for adult/teen ballet class: beginner and intermediate. The classes are designed for students of all levels of training, from former dancers, to adults and teen who are looking to start their dance training for the first time.

Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, & Tap

Dancers needs to develop a versatile training in multiple styles of dance. Our modern, jazz, lyrical and tap classes will feature teachers with years of experience in teaching and preparing for competitions.


Competition Team Class

Dancers of ages 7-12 will be preparing for competition through a rigorous training with Ms. Jenna. Two ensemble pieces are normally prepared to compete in two competitions; the genre might include lyrical/jazz/musical theatre.

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