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Rehearsal and Performance Information
  • Rehearsal Schedule- When does your dancer rehearse eache week? Find the schedule here.
  • Fitting Schedule and Costume Information- For your dancer's costume fitting, you may be asked to come early or stay late, or, on rare occasions, come a different day. Parents are welcome to stay and help, but are not required to do so. For the schedule and more information, click here. 
  • Make-up, Hair, attire- Find specific information in this form about your dancer's role, the make-up and hair styles, as well as clothing/shoes they may need to bring. Read throughly, as some things have changed from previous years. Specifically, it is highly recommended party girls purchase inexpensive wig ringlets to allow for quick costume changes and uniformity on stage.  
  • Theater Schedule and Call Times- When does your dancer need to arrive? When is the dress rehearsal? When does your dancer get a break between shows? A document coming soon will to answer all these questions. Note your dancer's call times and plan ahead to leave time for traffic, forgotten items, and miscellaneous mishaps. You do not want your dancer to be late! Spacing, notes, and other important things happen before a performance, and everyone is needed on time. If you are not there for your call time, your understudy could be asked to step in!
Ways you can help!
Ballet Frontier needs your help to make the Nutcracker a success. Please see the opportunities below for ways you can support this wonderful production:
  • Social Media- Help us spread the word about the Nutcraker! Join our closed  facebook group, Nutcracker Cast 2016, to get ideas and pictures to let friends, family, and coworkers know about the upcoming shows and how they can see your darling dancer. Share the link for purchasing tickets.
  • Join our Guild- Though no one has to join our volunteer organization to be a part of helping support Ballet Frontier, it is a great way to stay in the know, find out specific needs of the company, and offer your talents and skills to a non-profit. Find out more about the guild here or email our guild chairs for more information.
  • Sewing- The costume coordinators have been overwhelmed at how helpful everyone has already been at helping with fittings and starting to tackle the alterations on our huge costume inventory! Every dancer feels better when performing in a costume that fits them just right. We have continuing needs for sewing help. Please check the hanging clipboard at the studio, come by for Saturday Sewing Circles starting soon, or contact us for ways to help. Thank you!

Nutcracker & Ballet Frontier photos courtesy of Anthony Crowley

To view and purchase photos of Ballet Frontier performances visit

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Nutcracker, Nov. 18 & 19

The Nutcracker, November 21 & 22, 2014



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The Nutcracker, November 21 & 22, 2014
The Nutcracker, November 21 & 22, 2014
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