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Vito Iacobellis


Former Soloist dancer with Universal Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, Principal Dancer with Alberta Ballet and Memphis Ballet, now choreographer and teacher in Italy for Arteviva


Master Ballet Teacher at Ballet Center of Fort Worth Summer Intensive for the week of July 6-10.


Vitto began his studies at age 13 for fun but it quickly grew into a passion for this new art form. He won a scholarship to the Academy of the Teatro Nuovo in Turin. In the school of the theater he began to further his studies in music and repertoire. He began his first experiences on stage with the professional course of the theater and then with the permanent company directed by Luciana Savignano. Deciding to increase and intensify his studies, Vito moved to Cannes in the famous school of Rossella Hightower where he performed with the company "Jeune Ballet de Cannes" directed by Rossella Hightower. Two years after joining the school in Cannes, at the age of 17, he was invited to participate in some performances of Nutcracker in Seoul in the prestigious company of Universal Ballet Company in South Korea. With Universal Ballet, he rapidly gained recognition and was soon feartured in soloist roles. After numerous tours and several shows he moved to the US joining Tulsa Ballet, one of the ten most famous companies of the moment in the United States 

of America. Along with Tulsa Ballet, Vito perfomed with Memphis Ballet and Alberta Ballet, directed at the time by Nikko Nissenien, now director of Boston Ballet. He has worked with numerous renowned choreographers and teachers including P. Bortoluzzi, B. Stevenson, R. North, R. Tobias, V. Nebrada,  J. Canfield, and V. Dokoudovsky. In Italy, where he reisdes, he is the artistic director and ballet master of the Arteviva Dance Company.  Vito enjoys teaching in various ballet schools and Summer Intensives around Italy and the world.

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