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Dance for Films, ages 7-12

The world of dance is ever evolving, including the mediums in which it is showcased. In this class, dancers will be taught how to perform dance for the camera. Class curriculum includes learning routines, stage directions, how to hit marks, dancing with intent, improving “tricks” and improvisation. Additionally, students will learn how to master the arch of emotion and storytelling when performing out of chronological order; in the unique way that film requires. Dancers will practice styles varying from jazz to musical theatre to contemporary as they gain real-time feedback and learn to analyze their own performances. Rather than competing or performing live, this class will work on mastering a routine and filming it, on sight(s), for a fully produced dance video to share with their friends, teachers, and loved ones.

Class will be on Wednesdays from 7:15-8:15pm

Teacher: Ms. Jenna Meador

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